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Purchased by a Dutch couple, Il Casolare, which in the last century housed a country school, is an estate from the 1800s where time seems to have passed. The walls and ceilings tell stories full of charm, scented with the Mediterranean, eager to be heard. The estate has a large quadrangular courtyard which is accessed by an ancient gate.

Through a conservative restoration made of detailed researches of unique pieces, the charm of the Mediterranean past is transmitted, a synthesis of the time that passes and that harmoniously combines with contemporary needs, the property has been customized, leaving its architectural features intact. The view visible from the courtyard leaves you breathless: the sea in the distance and the green hills, where Leopardi overlooks the infinite, give a sense of peace and tranquility.
The fascinating and evocative outdoor areas consist of the pool area, lounge area and the lemon house. These places have been designed to make the most of the natural architecture of the place. In order to improve the guest experience, the salt water pool was equipped to ensure a comfortable sensation of well-being on the skin. For the design of the large swimming pool, a rigid shape was chosen that would allow the marvelous perspectives of the agricultural context to stand out. The construction of the pool, which began in mid-January and ended in March of the same year, highlights the feeling and know-how acquired by the companies with which we collaborate.


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