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Renovation of a stone farmhouse on the Marche hills
Holiday Home I Tre Gelsi - 
Cingoli (MC) 2018 - 2020

"A New Life for the Cottage: Renovation through Demolition and Reconstruction"
After being sold and restored by the current owners, the house has been transformed into a fabulous holiday villa.

Renovating a cottage can be an opportunity to completely transform an aging building into a modern and functional residence.
First, we shared with the property owner the assessment of the existing building. Before making the decision to demolish the cottage, it was necessary to carefully evaluate the structural and architectural conditions of the existing building. An in-depth analysis helped us determine that demolition and reconstruction were the best choice compared to other renovation options. The building had significant structural damage and limitations that made it too costly to bring it up to seismic safety standards. Demolition and reconstruction were assessed as the most efficient option.
Next, we began the Planning and Design phase in collaboration with the clients. Accurate planning is crucial for a demolition and reconstruction project. During this phase, we worked closely with the clients and the entire design team, both for the structural and systems aspects, to define the goals and specifications for the new cottage. We considered all aspects of design, including interior layout, energy efficiency, materials to be used, and compliance with building regulations. Detailed design allowed us to achieve a satisfying final result.
Safe and Efficient Demolition: Demolishing the cottage requires a professional and safe approach and must be carried out by companies capable of selecting and recovering the materials needed for reconstruction. Our firm handled obtaining the necessary permits from the relevant authorities to carry out the demolition in compliance with safety standards. It was essential to work with specialized companies with the experience and skills to manage the demolition process correctly, protecting the surrounding environment and preserving noteworthy elements.
Reconstruction with Style and Functionality: After the demolition, the reconstruction phase of the new cottage began. During this phase, we had the opportunity to customize the design and space distribution. We used modern and sustainable materials, such as wood, brick, and steel, to create a contemporary architecture while still preserving the traditional cottage's appearance. The goal was to create a functional, comfortable residence tailored to the needs of its occupants.
During the reconstruction, we considered the integration of modern technologies that made the cottage highly energy-efficient. This included the installation of solar panels, low-energy heating and cooling systems, and intelligent automation for home systems control. The use of these technologies reduced the environmental impact and improved the quality of life inside the cottage. All systems operated on electricity, allowing us to eliminate all gas systems.
Renovation with demolition and reconstruction is a comprehensive process for transforming an existing building. This type of project offers the opportunity to create an entirely new and customized space from the ground up.
At the end of the renovation with demolition and reconstruction, the result is a completely new and personalized building that reflects the client's taste and needs. This type of project offers great flexibility and the opportunity to create a unique space perfectly adapted to the client's requirements and desires.
We are here to guide you through the entire process of renovation with demolition and reconstruction, providing expert advice, craftsmanship, and attention to detail. By choosing our company, you can be assured of a final result that will exceed your expectations and completely transform your space.
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