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Realizzazione di una piscina privata
Ristrutturazione casolare
Borgo della Spiga - Cingoli (MC)
Ristrutturazione di un casolare a Staffo
Realizzazione Bar - Cingoli (MC)
Agriturismo Tenuta del Viandante
B&B La Vecchia Scuola Montefano (MC)
Agriturismo Tenuta del Viandante
B&B La Vecchia Scuola Montefano (MC)


Architecture studio based in Jesi (AN) which offers comprehensive services in the architecture and real estate sector: from the enhancement of real estate assets, to its estimation, to the design of sustainable architecture, to the execution of restorations and renovations , assistance with contracts.

       Starting from a solid historical and architectural culture, the studio designs innovative architecture and design, in step with the growing needs of ergonomics and space, applying the criteria of bio-architecture, respecting the environment and the end user. Collaborating with the client, from the first draft of the project to the definition of the interior furnishings, he interprets their intentions.


Architecture means continuous research, through the historical and landscape values ​​that distinguish Mediterranean living as a whole. We pay close attention to the position of the building with respect to the sunlight which changes the lighting ratio as the seasons change. The architecture we intend to design is traced taking into account the light, the temperature range, the passing of the seasons.

While respecting urban planning rules which are generally not aimed at obtaining the quality of architecture, in our projects the proportions and numbers that reflect the harmony of nature are sought, according to the ancient tradition that places them at the center of its development.

The design activity follows the tradition of building that for centuries has been inherited from previous generations with the wise use of brick and exposed stone. The use of "eternal" materials is often combined with the use of new materials such as corten or exposed concrete to create a combination of tradition and modernity that highlights the features of contemporary architecture.


Projects in the hospitality tourism sector

The architecture studio is able to provide advice on the design of tourist accommodation activities.
The experience consolidated over time has led to a knowledge of the regulations relating to the sector as well as of the specific and technical design aspects.


The design approach is contextualized both to the reference environment and to the specific needs and objectives expressed by the client, developing a wide range on the various types of accommodation such as the design of farmhouses , bed and breakfasts , rural accommodation activities, non-hotel accommodation facilities , hotels Widespread, period residences, restaurants and commercial activities in general as well as bathing establishments .




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